Transport for 

Community transport on Merseyside - a strategic role

Working with policy makers

The forum is the key link between the community transport sector and Merseytravel, the executive arm of the Passenger Transport Authority responsible for developing and implementing transport policy across Merseyside.

Community transport is recognised by Merseytravel as being able to help it meet its Social Inclusion objectives by filling gaps within the main bus network – gaps that main bus operators cannot or will not fill.

The forum's strategic aims

The forum has a specific remit to “consider the range of transport and related plans produced by the ten district authorities and county based authorities including Merseytravel, and the Association of Merseyside Authorities, and also regional & national policies in so far as they affect community transport in Merseyside.”

The Forum formally responded to public consultation about the new Local Transport Plan – the full text is available here – and will continue to work with GMPTE in its development project for Integrated of Social Needs Transport, as well as cooperating in the development of its community transport strategy.